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Square Tea Bag



Square Tea Bag Style

For most tea drinkers, tea is equally enjoyed when brewed in tea bags or loose leaf tea. The square tea bag is actually a small and porous tea bag that is used to steep tea. It can be filled with tea leaves and heat-sealed into 3 side seal pouch or 4 side seal pouch.

Strings and labels can be attached to rectangular tea bags. Just like the Lipton tea bags. It makes it easier to remove them from the brewing cup. Meanwhile, the label can bear the information for types of tea and your private tea label.

These disposable tea bags made of compostable filter paper are ideal for packing materials with small particles, such as CTC black tea, fine cut Green tea, broken tea, desiccant, etc.

Brewing Guide

A tablespoon of loose tea is about 2 grams, just fit into one square tea bag. You need to pour approximately 8 ounces(240 ml) of boiling water into the mug. Add the drawstring tea filter bag and steep for 2-3 minutes, and enjoy and repeat.

The Basic Knowledge About Square Tea Bags

Lastly, we have gathered a great deal about square tea bags.  You will be able to learn more with this information and become an expert in the field!

What is the ratio of tea bag to water?

Depending on the type of tea, the amount of water can range anywhere from 2 ounces to 5 ounces.

In general, the rule of thumb is to use 1 tea bag for every 8 ounces of water.

This will result in a tea that is strong enough to enjoy, but not so strong that it becomes bitter. 

What is the weight of tea bag?

The answer to this question depends on the size of the tea bag.

A standard square tea bag typically contains between 2- 3 grams of tea leaves, which allows for a full-flavored cup of tea without being too bitter.

By the way, Square tea bags are generally used for Fragment Tea, while triangular ones are typically used to package loose-leaf tea.

Are there any differences between tea bags and loose leaf tea?

Square tea bags tend to be made of lower quality leaves, while loose leaf teas are not.

Loose leaf tea is made from whole tea leaves, which are allowed to steep for a longer period of time in order to release their flavor. This results in a richer, more nuanced cup of tea. In contrast, square tea bags are typically made from lower-quality tea leaves that have been chopped into smaller pieces. This means that they release their flavor more quickly, resulting in a weaker cup of tea. 

However, square tea bags are more convenient and easier to use, so there is a tradeoff. Ultimately, it depends on your preferences as to which type of tea you prefer.

Are filter paper tea bags bleached?

Filter paper tea bags are made of natural fibrous materials such as wood pulp or vegetable pulp.

In general, natural filter paper have not been treated with any bleach. They take on a natural brown, wood like color. Hence the name “unbleached”

The bright white paper tea bags that we see most often, on the other hand, must be bleached. Chlorine and oxygen bleaching are the two most common methods for bleaching tea bags. By the way, chlorine bleaching can result in small amounts of toxic chlorine compounds remaining on the tea bag paper.

Can filter paper tea bags be composted?

Of course, filter paper tea bags are made of biodegradable organic plant fibers and are free of plastic and metal. It is biodegradable. However, it should be noted that tea bags use glue to seal the bags. Since these glues contain plastic sealants like polypropylene, they will take longer to biodegrade.